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J.C., he has displayed a marvelous energy and vitality in everything he does. This energy translates to fantastic experiences in the classroom! Students rave about J.C.’s abilities, and with good reason. He is the BEST! His instruction skill and knowledge are superb. It is a joy to be in the classroom. The student walks away with knowledge, feeling good about themselves and about life! J. C. exemplifies professionalism in all he does. He is committed to quality and always follows through. His character is strong and resolute. One of the things I like best about J.C. is his absolute love of life. He brings this gift to everything he does! I welcome the opportunity to discuss J.C. and his many skills and talents. So, after reading this, if you have any doubt about utilizing J. C. Melvin, please give me a call.

Most sincerely,
Sally M. Young
Administrative Vice President Nevada Association of REALTORS
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"To Whom It May Concern:
Thanks to J. C. Melvin participating in our Graduate, REALTOR Institute Program, it was one of the most successful ever. His presentation was fantastic, and we definitely plan on having him in Wyoming again! Students walked away from the program saying, 'This is the best and most informative course I’ve ever attended', 'Have him back', and 'J.C. gave me dynamic and valuable information.' When I hear comments like that, I know that I have found an instructor who can give our members the knowledge they need to make their real estate careers successful. J. C. truly is a 'human dynamo'!"

Lisa M. Zerbst
Director of Education & Communications, Wyoming Association of REALTORS

"There was a time when real estate agents could have an opinion on just about everything involved in the sale of a house. Now, J.C. Melvin says, the smart agent - at least one who is not going to end up testifying in court - is the one who says: "I don't know." Just pleading ignorance is not enough, though, said Melvin, a real estate trainer and facilitator from Las Vegas. "I don't know" has to be followed by: "If you have concerns, I would suggest that you hire a professional."

Philadelphia Inquirer

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All keynotes will run from 25 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the sponsor's agenda, goals and objectives. Longer keynotes (60 minutes) are best when a Powerpoint projector can be utilized.

• “I’m Serious, I’ll Get To It Later”
An uplifting talk about living life to it’s fullest each and every day. Inspirational in nature and a focus on personal productivity.

• “If You Do It Right The First Time, Once Is Enough”
A program that speaks to doing something and makes fun of the title. The truth is that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing wrong rather than not doing at all. This is an empowerment talk which clarifies that it’s O.K. to make mistakes…It is through mistakes that greatness and discovery comes… Tailored for your audience or business so long as it’s not brain surgery.

• You’ve Got To Be Kidding”
A program which speaks to laughter and how important it is to maintain a sense of humor. It’s a reminder not to take ourselves or life too seriously.
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